Meet Johnny and Andy – two guys who aren’t afraid to get their feet wet for a good picture.

In fact, you can often find us climbing on ladders and trees, standing in lakes, trudging through snow, or swimming underwater, all to capture an image. We joined forces a couple of years ago to meet the growing demand for portrait and wedding photography, merging two very different photographic backgrounds in the process. When you team an underwater & field photographer with a studio photographer specializing in off-camera lighting, certain things are inevitable. Topping the list is our insistence on bringing the studio with us into the field. We simultaneously feel very strongly about the visual power of environment and the lighting benefits of shooting in the studio. Consequently, our outdoor sessions have jokingly been referred to as “Johnny and Andy’s Sherpa Shoots” for the lights, portable power supplies, and lengths of extension cords that we lug with us to the site.

We both truly love photography and put a lot of time into keeping up with the evolving technology and techniques. Our goal is simple: Give the client exactly what they want and surprise them with images that they hadn’t expected.

About the name Karpata

The studio borrowed its name from the Karpata aloe plantation on the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles. The plantation was set along the island’s protected western coastline, allowing easy access to trade  ships anchored offshore. Now, over a century later, the plantation is gone, but scuba divers can still see the hulking ship anchors lodged into the reef below. The reef at Karpata (marked on-shore by a brightly painted yellow rock) is one of our favorite dive sites and photography locations.